Main Features

To try the most advanced business

Easily get started in minutes

Now’s the time to take charge of your finances. See how Quicken helps you—know your money, get organized, pay bills and start tackling debt today.

Awesome design

Freindly screens and mobile viewing
Truly free – no credit card required
Quick sign up – see your free credit score in 2 minutes or less

Make better decisions on the go

Track purchase, check balances and stay in sync, anytime, anywhere with the Quicken 2014 / 2015 mobile app.

Improved! Investment tools

In–product symbol lookup right within Quicken
Improved bond sell actions
Automatic download of option prices and history.
Available with Premier and higher versions

Budgeting you can stick to

Makes budgeting (and staying on budget) painless
Automatically sets up budget goals based on what you've spent in the past
Customize your plan, and we'll track your progress

See where your money goes

Your income and expenses are securely and automatically downloaded from your bank and credit cards into one place
See expenses (groceries, gas, etc.) get tracked and categorized for you
Spend or save? It’s easy to know with forecasted balances

Stay on top of your day-to-day cash flow

See upcoming paychecks, bills and payments to help avoid late fees
Takes into account payments that need to be made before your next paycheck
Set custom alerts for large deposits, fees or over spending so you'll always know where you stand

New Social Security Optimizer! Get more Social Security income.

Whether you're filing for Social Security benefits next year, or ten years from now, planning today can help you get MUCH MORE tomorrow.
Simple to use, easy to understand
Customizable whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed
Available for Windows and Mac users

Simplify your payroll.

It is your choice - do it in-house or have someone do it for you. With AutoFinance you'll give yourself an your employees confidence that payroll is accurate and on time.

Power your payments with AutoFinance and give yourself the gift of time.

Spend less time managing sales transactions and give yourself the freedom to focus on your business and customers. AutoFinance Payments eliminates the hassles of manual data entry and simplifies payment acceptance on invoices with automatic reconciliation.

Business any time, anywhere

Use your Apple® iPad on the go to display your products, write an order and even take payment. The AutoFinance Mobile Sales app connects to your AutoFinance 50 software for real-time customer and inventory information when you need it.

Manage risk.

Risky business. It could take its toll on your business. Protect yourself and company from litigation, profit erosion, and a damaged reputation.

Our Great Team

Development & Support

Our highly experienced Developers consultants will work with you, advising you on how you can harness the power of IT to overcome your problems and meet your business objectives. We will introduce you to the wide range of solutions that we offer and inform you of how they can benefit your organization. Our IT consultants will talk with you to ascertain your actual requirements, help determine the IT resources you need define network/software requirements for your organization and develop and implement the agreed IT solutions.

To provide a TURN KEY SOLUTION by:

  • Analyzing and finalizing System requirements.
  • Providing a smooth and easy-to-use system.
  • Networking: all sub-systems operate on the different network systems to provide the largest possible amount of data.
  • Protecting customer investment by maintaining the system to work over the years.
  • Maximizing security for multi users.

Over 30,000 Customers

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  • Winsoft Solutions LLC expertise with customized software development.
  • Highly technical man power working on the latest cutting edge technologies.
  • Development Centre is available in UAE with State-of-art infrastructure.
  • Strategic alliance with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Oracle Partner.
  • Products are Quality check passed using Mercury Quick Test Professional.
  • Highly user friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Uninterrupted support after installation.
  • On time and on budget delivery.
  • Excellent back record
  • Experience is similar line.