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Property Master

• Maintain all properties records for each owner with all related information
• Order each property with it’s offices , apartments, units according to each floor and each unit characteristic with it is status and level

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Tenants Master

• Maintain all the tenant records
• Documents archiving & maintaining all the necessary records which support all files types
• Finance/ Accounts integration allows you to like each customer to Dept and

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Contract Master

• Maintain all the contracts for each tenants with their renewals , dates ...
• notifications by SMS/Email before contract expiry
• Clarify lease payments, sewerage payments and others by all types checks, cash, credit cards …

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• Manage owners profiles & shares
• Manage profit and loss
• Manage owners properties
• Notify owners for future agenda

Renting Master

• Manage vacant unit
• Notify for due payment
• Reports

Selling & Buying Master

• Maintain selling & buying records with all their full details
• Arrange seller , buyer, broker and property details depending on contracts view

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Maintenance Master

• Receive complain
• Assign the work to the maintenance team
• Follow up the maintenance
• Cost & Payment

Brokers Master

• Maintain all the brokers data and their records
• Documents archiving to maintain all the necessary records which support all files types

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Accounts Module

• All payments& invoices integrated to finance module
• Due cheques reminder
• Reports

Email, SMS And Notifications

• Sending notifications (SMS, Email, Dash Board) to clients for due payments , contracts renewal, contracts conciliations, evacuations notice…

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Our Great Team

Development & Support

Our highly experienced Developers consultants will work with you, advising you on how you can harness the power of IT to overcome your problems and meet your business objectives. We will introduce you to the wide range of solutions that we offer and inform you of how they can benefit your organization. Our IT consultants will talk with you to ascertain your actual requirements, help determine the IT resources you need define network/software requirements for your organization and develop and implement the agreed IT solutions.

To provide a TURN KEY SOLUTION by:

  • Analyzing and finalizing System requirements.
  • Providing a smooth and easy-to-use system.
  • Networking: all sub-systems operate on the different network systems to provide the largest possible amount of data.
  • Protecting customer investment by maintaining the system to work over the years.
  • Maximizing security for multi users.


All Stuff
APMS Cloud
Real Time Management
Document Management
Multi-Currency & Languages


  • Winsoft Solutions LLC expertise with customized software development.
  • Highly technical man power working on the latest cutting edge technologies.
  • Development Centre is available in UAE with State-of-art infrastructure.
  • Strategic alliance with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Oracle Partner.
  • Products are Quality check passed using Mercury Quick Test Professional.
  • Highly user friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Uninterrupted support after installation.
  • On time and on budget delivery.
  • Excellent back record
  • Experience is similar line.