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Winsoft Solutions

We’re a global team in over than 33 countries, working collaboratively across the health system to improve care delivery, quality and cost-effectiveness. We focus on three key drivers of transformative change: engaging the consumer, aligning care delivery and modernizing the health system infrastructure. We are connected with and support important decisions across health care. We help individuals and families make benefit choices and manage their health care dollars. We help doctors and patients make informed treatment decisions. We help communities balance quality health services with sustainable costs. We create solutions that work together, for the good of the health care system.

What is Add-Vantage IMS? The Add-Vantage Insurance management system is a web based ERP application designed to control and manage the process in insurance companies and third party administrators, it works in modular bases which allows the different departments to interact and meet their needs for maximum functionality and usability.

Add-Vantage has all the international aspects and configuration to match the maximum of the clients requirements over the world, It has been built in such way to allows you customized the functionality and the templates behind in the way suite our valued customers needs.
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Add-Vantage Modules

  • PBM / PHarmacy Benefit Management
  • e-Prescription
  • Network
  • Underwriting
  • QMS/ Qoutation Management System
  • Approvals
  • Customer Service & Helpline
  • Claims, e-Claims and reimbursement claims
  • Portals
  • SMS, and emails
  • Communication (SMS, Emails, Dashboard)
  • Auto Premium Calculation engine
  • Medical Edits, CrossWalk, Codeing errors, Pair Checks, MUE etc.. Read More
  • Drugs data and interactions ...Read more
  • Human Resouce
  • Finance
  • Mobile APP

Our Skills

Health Care 90%
Web Applications 85%
Insurance 90%
.Net Web Applications 80%
Oracle Professionals 75%
Migrations 75%
Mobile Application 70%