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Add-Vantage Medical Edits & PBM are well authorized and compliant with Regulators such as DHA, HAAD, UAE, KSA, and others

Winsoft Add-Vantage enables checking and alerting on potential mistakes and reviews in medical coding Medical Necessity Checks &eRX Interaction all our edits are accredited and authorized to meet international standards of WHO

Add-vantage is totally independent and is based on guidelines from recognized bodies such as CMS, AMA, ADA, local authorities, and other recognized societies.

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The Add-Vantage Knowledge Base provides all healthcare information systems Insurance management,ePrescription , codes edits and more - with the medical edits, medical necessity and drug data, and SDK necessary to integrate medical and drug data in a way that best meets clinician's needs for maximum functionality and usability.

Winsoft solutions welcomes any other ways of integration by clients

It is time for Payers and Provider to collaborate creating value for patients which is both the ultimate goal and an increasingly critical competitive advantage for health care payers and providers worldwide. Payer organizations are being challenged to manage funding gaps and improve the care of members within a changing regulatory environment. Add-Vantage Health care enable provider transforming their business models to deliver cost-competitive services that improve patient outcomes and deliver sustainable growth for the organization.

Check for possible interactions between a patient's entire medication regime — including prescription, OTC, herbal, supplement or foods. The most powerful drug interaction checker available, Winsoft Solutions provides a ranked listing of all possible interactions, and a description of each reaction. Includes: Drug to Drug – Drug to Allergy – Drug to Nutrient – Drug to Alternative medicine – Drug to food … etc

  • Drug-drug
  • Drug-allergy
  • Drug-nutrient
  • Drug-alternative medicine
  • Drug-food